Scientists devise a plan to teach numbats to take selfies like quokkas in order to combat extinction concerns.

Every year tourists travel thousands of miles to Rottnest Island in order to take selfies with quokkas, and it’s this type of tourism dollar that could go a long way to saving the very existence of the numbat.

Currently listed as an endangered species, there are less than one thousand numbats left in the world and it is feared that unless there is some form of public campaign around the subject that the species will completely disappear.

Wildlife expert and conservationist, Bobby Bushtucker, explains the plan to keep the numbats around for generations to come.

“The quokka has led the way in getting funding for Rottnest Island preservation. And the little bugger has even managed to get itself on the protected native species list to try and prevent the backpackers from bagging one of ’em to take home to grandma in England.”

As a reference guide to taking good selfies, scientist have turned to Kim Kardashian for help, buying her book on the subject only to realise that the numbats hind quarters aren’t large enough to take these style of selfies.

“We figure all we need to do is teach the numbats to smile on cue just like the quokka does. Although, currently our biggest obstacle is that numbats have a keen sense of smell and most backpackers are notoriously a tad whiffy.”

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