Wild panther let loose in Penrith.

An internet war has broken out between NRL legend Mark Geyer, and Facebook page NRL Memes, after the site posted a story that appeared to suggest Geyer’s daughter is the unknown woman in an explicit video allegedly featuring an NRL player.

NRL Memes are obviously unaware of the sayings, ‘Don’t poke the bear’, ‘Don’t wake a sleeping lion’ and ‘Don’t make accusations against a panther’s family member.’

Thanks to their broad generalisation, NRL Memes have managed to offend: any father with a daughter; any mother with a daughter; any brother with a sister; and pretty much anyone with a heartbeat. Perhaps even a few without, as they turn over in their graves.

Mark Geyer isn’t exactly known for backing down from a fight. So you have to ask yourself if they are extremely brave or extremely stupid. Actually, we probably don’t need to ask that question as we already know the answer.

“We just thought it would be a bit of a laugh and certainly didn’t mean any offence by it,” said absolutely nobody, as writers for the page have gone into deep hiding somewhere behind their keyboards.

Geyer announced today that he will be getting lawyers involved, and mysteriously the post has now been taken down. If it does go to court though, we shall listen for the chant, “Let the Wookie win!”


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