Man brings surfboard to work in order to appear more interesting.

A Randwick man has come up with an ingenious way to get co-workers to notice him by leaving his surfboard at work.

Colleagues brought a smile to the 27-year-olds face by commenting, “We didn’t even know he surfed.”

Cameron DeLonge’s surfing career never really got off the ground. In fact, he has only taken one surf lesson in his life. He went straight to the surf shop afterwards and bought himself a brand new surfboard for $939, which is yet to have its maiden voyage.

Cameron works in a shared space office in Alexandria and noticed the amount of attention one of his co-workers was receiving when he brought in his new pale blue single speed Fixie bicycle.

“Sure, I guess I have always been competitive at the workplace,” said Delonge. “Well you have to be don’t you? If you don’t look for ways to get people to notice inanimate objects you might have to actually be interesting face-to-face. And that’s never been my strong suit.”

The surfboard has been proudly resting against the wall for a week now and it is estimated at least six people have noticed it so far.

“One of the guys here is having an after hours get together with some friends, and I’m hoping the surfboard will get several more views during the night,” said Delonge.

Delonge is hoping to get his second surf lesson sometime next summer.

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