Millennial on the light rail overheard saying that he enjoys retro gaming in the form of playing ‘Candy Crush.’

Commuters on the 4pm light rail from Pyrmont Bay to Glebe were treated to a most amusing exchange between two millennials this evening, when they were overheard by several passengers discussing their new fondness of retro gaming. Their game of choice – ‘Candy Crush.’

“When people are talking about retro games, you normally hear the titles ‘Pacman’ or ‘Asteroids’,” said onlooker, Ronald Garfield.

Garfield managed to Snapchat several of the conversations between the two, but when the general consensus on Snapchat was that the Millennials had a good point, Garfield questioned whether or not he was too old to be using the social media platform.

‘Candy Crush’ was released in 2012 and became widely loved, and then despised as people tried to get free turns by inviting their entire Facebook friend list to play. It became the number one reason for the now infamous friend culling frenzy of 2013.

Nigel Emmerson, who is the current president of the Commodore 64 Appreciation Society, said that while he liked the fact that the youngsters were getting into retro gaming, there needed to be some form of mediating done to control what is and what isn’t accepted as retro when it comes to computer games.

“Generally, when referring to retro, we only like to include games made pre-nineties,” Emmerson said, from his caravan permanently parked in his mothers’ driveway. “Just as we don’t include any movies post 1983 in the Star Wars Canon.”

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