Man with no children starts mini-riot at Coles when he says he isn’t collecting Stikeez.

Local man, Ronald Garfield (45), has almost started a mini-riot at Seven Hills Coles after he spent almost $200 on pizza pockets, pies, chips and Diet Coke – an amount that entitled him to 7 or 8 Stikeez. When asked, Ronald became incensed, turning them down saying he wasn’t collecting them.

Made up almost entirely out of the plastic – that was going to be used on free shopping bags until the do-gooders piped up making it so now we all have to pay for our shopping bags – is Coles new collectable campaign.

“Look, I was totally onboard when Woolies had the Marvel collectable disks, they were pretty cool,” said Mr Garfield.

“But these news things are just for the kids.”

After proudly responding “No thanks” to the Stikeez, Ronald then started a mini-riot when he loudly asked, “Who wants them?”

It is common knowledge that if someone isn’t collecting their collectables, that the person directly behind the rejectee in queue has first dibs on the up-for-grab items. This is where the problem started, when local single mother of 5, Tracy Cankles, chimed in with, “I’ll have em!”

“My daughter Chardonnay has 3 complete sets already, but we are after Golden Billy Banana to get the $100 shopping voucher,” said Ms Cankles.

Coles has released the rare Stikeez metallic Eddie, a see-through Brodie, a sparkly Cooper, glow in the dark Carlo and the rarest Stikeez of them all – the Golden Billy Banana!

Since the removal of free plastic bags last year, Coles has put its overflowing plastic resources to good use, first with their Little Shop collectables and now Stikeez. Oh well, at least they’re free. With every $30 purchase of course.

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