Man who tried to freeze gym membership told he can’t do it over the phone.

Notorious salad dodger Larry ‘Lazyboy’ Jones has always intended to get back into fighting shape. Unfortunately it appears that the fighting shape he will remain in is that of lard arsed documentary maker Michael Moore.

“The main problem I have is I just don’t have enough time to exercise and that’s why I need to freeze my gym membership for 3 months.”

“I called the gym and they said that I can’t do it over the phone, which is insane as if I had enough time to go to the gym to freeze my membership then I would have enough time to exercise.”

Mr Jones currently spends at least 6 hours a day playing Fortnite.

“I’m hoping that one day Fortnite will become an Olympic event and then I will finally realise the dream I had as a teenager to be an Olympian and to perhaps even lose my virginity.”

It’s almost like the gym has it set up this way on purpose one could be excused for thinking.

People who are time poor or just plain too lazy really couldn’t be bother going to the gym just to freeze their membership.

Even if it is to save themselves some money.

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