‘Eggman’ attack on Fraser Anning upgraded to attempted murder after study shows eggs can cause early death.

Yesterday’s egg attack on Fraser Anning should be upgraded to attempted murder, as a recent report suggest three or more eggs a week increases your risk of heart disease and early death.

“Fraser Anning had an egg cracked over his head in an obvious terror attack,” reports Fraser Anning supporter, Y.T Supremo.

“We can’t allow this kind of behaviour to go unpunished and we are calling for an attempted murder charge.” Referencing a recent study published by Susan Scutti at CNN, Y.T continued.

“The report clearly states that more than three eggs a week can cause cancer and early death. I just thank God that he didn’t have two extra eggs on him that bastard.”

It wasn’t all positive reactions from the Greens either. “While his heart was in the right place, we would have been much happier if he had used a free range egg,” said Savin Daenvironment.

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