Game of Thrones fans upset. Again!

Game of Thrones fans are upset again, this time with the publishing of the run-time of season 8 episodes. Promised that each episode would almost be feature film length, the first two episodes are no different than previous seasons, clocking in around the 60-minute mark. True to form, GOT fans have already started complaining online and the numbers are incredible.

“I’m outraged,” typed Ima Nerdlinger on Twitter, 3 followers.

“I hate this show!” raged Neve Rreadthebooks, 2 Twitter followers. “That’s it. After this season, I’m done,” complained Isa Dontgetoutmuch, 5 Twitter followers.

In what counts as journalism these days, three quotes from Twitter accounts – regardless of their low numbers – means the entire populace feels this way and must be taken seriously, before these so-called “journalists” provide tenuous links to how everything is Trump’s fault.

“This just goes to show how widespread the anger is. And how it’s Trump’s fault for being a Nazi,” said journalist, Ima Partisanhack.

However, people familiar with the show are slightly confused by the outrage, especially given the Great Game of Thrones Drought of 2017.

“You didn’t get any episodes last year. Quit your bitching,” said showrunners, Benioff and Weiss.

Given how many times the show has broken people’s hearts by killing off their favourite characters, not to mention how let down the book readers are every year that Martin doesn’t release the next book, it’s hard to comprehend how people got their hopes up in the first place.

That said, the internet is powered on human outrage, so it stands to reason that people will complain about everything. Ironically, the biggest complaints will happen after the six episodes air, when these three Twitter warriors realise they’ve got nothing else in their lives.

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