Egg Boy now confronts his greatest fear – Egg Mum.

After taking on the political high rollers, plus the Australian legal system and coming out on top, Egg Boy now has to face the woman whose eggs he stole in order to become Australia’s favourite political activist.

Melbourne teenager Will Connolly, dubbed “Egg Boy”, was arrested for smashing an egg over Senator Fraser Anning’s dome on Saturday. He was released today without charge, which many believe is due to the fact he was attacked by Anning’s Anthill Mob directly after the attack. Egg Boy has agreed to not press charges, so it seems everyone is happy. Well, not everyone.

Egg Boy’s mum has a few questions of her own she wants answered.

“Well, it’s great that he isn’t going to jail, but what about me? Where do you think he got those eggs from? He certainly wasn’t up at dawn getting them off the chickens,” complained Egg Mum.

“I was all set to cook quiche for dinner when I noticed one of my primary ingredients was missing. My eggs!”

“I’m glad that the Australian public has taken to William, but you can all bloody keep him! He has been egging us for years and we are sick of it!”

Egg Boy’s little sister though is glad he was arrested.

“Sometimes I come home from school and he will be hiding on the house roof with mums eggs and he will cover me with a shower of eggwhite, shell and yolk,” said Egg Girl.

He might have escaped the wrath of the Australian legal system, but now he has to face mum. And she’s preparing to scamble his eggs.

“I brought him into this world, and I can take him out!” said Egg Mum.

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