Australian firefighters calendar outsold by Sam the Koala for the tenth year running.

It’s been 10 years since the famous Sam the Koala photo was taken. And Australian firefighters haven’t been the same since. They’ve been getting gradually fatter.

The stereotypical image of a muscular, well-defined Australian firefighter might be on the way out as sales of their calendars are down for the tenth year in a row.

Australian firefighters have decided to stop working out so much, as the image of a koala drinking from a bottle of water is still spearheading their advertising.

Russell “Crispy” Bush has been a firefighter for 15 years now, and during those 15 years he has maintained 10% body fat in order to look good for the annual calendar. However, for a tenth year running, their calendar has been outsold thanks to furry Sam chugging down some H2O.

“I don’t know why I bother to be honest,” sighed Crispy.

“I haven’t had a meat pie for six years and, to be honest, I’m bloody starving. We have to look good for our yearly calendar as it appears to be the only way we can get any donations from the general public, which is ironic as it’s your bloody houses we are protecting.”

Advertising for the upcoming state election has pointed out there are fewer firefighters now than there were in 2011. Could it be a coincidence that this was around the same time that people giving water to koalas calendars started to become popular as well?

“Sam the koala was the starting point. Ironically, that photo was taken during back burning. So it was our fault the koala got burnt in the first place. Nothing to do with the black Saturday fires at all,” said Mr. Bush.

Russel was last seen heading to Maccas.

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