Channel 7 has tried to chop off a mans arm after he gets a Tayla Harris tattoo.

Already an iconic sports photo, Tayla Harris’s kicking action has now been immortalised in tattoo form. Ironically, it’s on the body of an Adelaide Crows supporter!

Blake Griffiths is a die hard Adelaide Crows fan and he decided to show his support of Tayla (who plays for Carlton) by getting her image permanently inked onto his forearm.

“With all the shit this girl has had to deal with this week, I thought I could show her some support by getting her tattooed onto my forearm,” said Mr Griffiths.

Channel 7 have been heavily criticised for taking the photo down from their media outlets due to the amount of sexually explicit comments the image was receiving.

Channel 7 are none too happy with Blake getting the tattoo on his forearm, and they have sent out some rogue journos to try and cover it up by any means necessary.

“Look, it’s our photo and if we want to take it down – and then quickly try to put it back up hoping no one will notice – then thats our business,” said Norm Rhymer-Reason.

“We have copyright on the photo and if Blake thinks he can just go and put the photo on his arm, we have a few jars of sulphuric acid and a few machetes that might think otherwise.”

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