Netflix decides to pull teeth documentary.

Netflix has pulled the controversial documentary ‘Root Cause’ from its streaming platform and completely deleted any evidence of the film ever existing.

The film, by Australian film-maker Frazer Bailey, alleges that root canals cause cancer and heart disease, and says that the best way to deal with an infected tooth would be to just pull it out.

This news came as no shock to self-medicating expert, Gummy McNoteeth.

“I’ve been pulling out my own rotten teeth for years,” mumbled Gummy.

“My motivation was mainly that I didn’t want to waste good money on my teeth when I could be putting that money towards some quality $2 wine bottles from Aldi.

The debunking of the film’s facts came as a great disappointment to hundreds of people who are booked in for root canal surgery and thought that they had a legitimate excuse to get out of the painful procedure.

“God damn it!” said Australian man, Simon Caredy.

“I really, really, really don’t want to get this bloody root canal surgery done. I’d rather go to see Craig Mclaughlan perform stand up comedy. I swear to God, Craig fucken McLaughlin!” said Mr. Caredy.

This is ironic, as anyone who has seen Craig perform standup comedy has likened it to root canal surgery. The main difference being you get over a root canal relatively quickly.

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