After 15 seasons, Supernatural will no longer run the same old story.

‘On this season of Supernatural, Dean keeps something from Sam, while Sam keeps something from Dean. Repeat.’

After an incredible run of 15 straight seasons – subtle dig at GOT showrunners here – Supernatural is finally calling it a day with one more season. While diehard fans are naturally upset at the news, one group who is relieved are the shows writers.

“Dude, we’ve told the same story for the last 10 seasons – how are people not over it yet? Dean keeps something from Sam, while Sam keeps something from Dean. Repeat. It’s time to put this show out of its misery,” said longtime show writer, Mesa Rarelywash.

“Remember when Sam didn’t tell Dean he was talking with Lucifer? Or when Sam didn’t tell Dean he didn’t have a soul? Or the time Dean didn’t tell Sam he was talking to Crowley? I mean, you get my drift. We’ve run out of ways to tell the same story,” said an exasperated Mesa

And Mesa Dontwash isn’t the only writer who thinks they’ve overstayed their welcome. “Come on people, how big is their dads journal? 400 pages? How, after 15 years, can Sam keep discovering ‘new’ things in it? You could read it in a day – two if you’re a slow reader. We can’t just keep pulling bullshit out of such a small book,” said show co-writer, Gota Ideaformyownshow.

While fans adjust to the reality that there is only one more season to go, they’re already speculating online about what season 15 will hold in store.

“I wonder if Dean will keep something from Sam? Or if Sam will keep something from Dean? Oh the suspense is killing me!”

No one knows for sure what season 15 will bring, but one thing is certain – it won’t be Supernatural without an obligatory hot chick each episode, a cholesterol inducing meal devoured by Dean, and a Chevy Impala that is somehow pristine in appearance despite never being cleaned in 15 years. Repeat.

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