Cyclone Trevor stops by the NT for some ciggies while looking for Cyclone Tracy.

Cyclone Trevor crashed through the Northern Territory over the weekend. And when all was said and done, and Cyclone Trevor was downgraded to a mere gust of wind, we were left with one very important question – who the hell is naming these cyclones?

Well, not surprisingly the names come from the creative minds at the Bureau of Meteorology in the Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres (TCWC).

“We are given a list of names we can choose from, however we generally just go sequentially as that’s less creative which is our preference,” wheezed Meteorologist, Larry Sprinkles.

Some of the more famous cyclones that graced our shore include Cyclone Justin, Cyclone Steve, and who could forget Cyclone Debbie – and the infamous Cyclone Larry and Cyclone Tracy.

Cyclone Trevor was as powerful as 1974’s devastating Cyclone Tracy, with wind gusts of up to 250 kilometres per hour. However, it’s not yet decided on whether the name will be retired.

“If a cyclone is deemed to have been so large, or to have caused enough damage, the name is retired.”

“We haven’t decided on whether to retire Trevor or to make him turn up to work again tomorrow morning,” chortled Mr Sprinkles, who was quite impressed by himself having made the same joke to the meteorologists around the breakfast table to raucous laughter earlier this morning.

With parents currently going out of their way to name their children something unique, we wonder if the BOM will follow suit in an attempt to seem ‘hip to the kids’. It may not be long before we see something more modern like Cyclone Aubrianna, Cyclone Annfrythd, or Cyclone Khayden Angelous.

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