Safety concerns for the tick that bit Paulene Hanson on the face.

Pauline Hanson addressed the media yesterday and what appeared to be a very nasty pimple hole on her face was in fact a tick bite.

“God knows what the little bugger might have caught,” said RSPCA worker, Diana R. Dolittle.

“There was a fair chunk out of her face and we are concerned that the tick may now be displaying signs of white nationalism and xenophobia.”

While some are worried about the ticks health concerns, others are more concerned for its physical wellbeing with well known bone breaker Mark Latham lurking about the scene. The tick was last seen being escorted into a taxi with Mark Latham, and there are concerns it may have met with foul play.

As for Pauline, luckily Steve Dickson and James Ashby were close by with plenty of alcohol to swob on her face.

Last reports were that Pauline’ face looks somewhat hideous. However, we are unsure if this is in direct correlation with being bitten by a tick.

More to come.

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