Jess now has a fake diamond to go with her fake orgasms.

A fake ring for a fake marriage. What’s the problem?

Married At First Sight fans are up in arms after noticing that the ring Cam used to propose to Jess with appears to be fake.

Reports have suggested that Cam might have purchased a $1000 “diamond alternative” from Secrets Shhh — a jeweller who specialises in saving men who are 50-50 on what response they will get from their proposal. And especially since they are on a reality tv show, where people are swapping partners quicker than you can say herpes, you can’t really blame him now can you?

“The marriages are fake. The girls faces are fake. The tears are fake. So I don’t see a problem with proposing with a fake ring,” said serial dater and reality tv show die hard, Vi Carious.

“The odds of them staying together are very slim. However, the odds that he just saved himself a cool $10,000, are very high.”

According to the jeweller’s website, the ‘decorative stone set celebration band’ in rose gold is a 10ct gold band that features seven “diamond stimulant” stones. Which is ironic as Cam will have to be stimulating himself once his new wife finds out she’s wearing a fake diamond.

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