Local trivia team somehow wins without the use of their mobile phones.

Mobile phones have almost signed the death knell of pub trivia. The fact that every single person has the internet at the tip of their fingers is often too great a temptation when being asked questions, the answers of which we should probably all know.

“The question was who was the first prime minister of Australia,” said local know it all, Adam Walsh.

“I remember they ran an ad on TV saying who the first Prime Minister was, so therefore the answer is in my head, I just can’t remember it. So it’s ok if I use my phone to find the answer to a question I already know, I figure.”

Adam is a part of a local trivia team known as ‘Quiz on your face’, who regularly wins the $50 voucher the pub has so generously put up for first place, even though most meals cost over $20 and there are generally more than four people in a team.

The trouble began when a group of non-regulars turned up, and none of them were using their phones to look up the answers. The team went by the name of Trivia Newton John.

“Stupid bloody name for a trivia team if you ask me,” barked Mr Walsh.

“There’s no sexual innuendo or anything.”

Trivia Newton John took out first place, and there was no visible signs of mobile phone use.

“We just figured what’s the point of winning if you’re going to use your phone?” said winning team member, Trish Tanner.

“It’s just a bit of fun after all. We might as well just use the old grey matter and try and remember some of the things we have learnt along the way.”

Mr Walsh was last seen trying to change the expiration date on the voucher he had from two weeks ago which had expired.

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