After another plane disappears over the Pacific, voters’ chip in to buy Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison a mystery flight.

Japan aviation authorities are in a spin after an F-35 fighter jet has disappeared over the Pacific. Although the flight only consisted of one person, the loss marks a disturbing trend for the region as people are starting to think the whole thing seems a bit sus. The DrunkenSober Chronicle spoke with Australian aviation expert, Trevor ‘Crash’ Landing (29) from the Windsor Model Plane Club, to get his insight on the matter.

“Yeah, nah, it’s almost like flying anywhere in Asia is now like going on a mystery flight,” said Crash. “The general public should chip in and get Shorten and ScoMo two first class tickets so they disappear. Only difference is, people won’t go looking for that plane.”

With the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370, with 239 passengers on board, Crash was quick to point out a major difference in this current disappearance.

“Passenger planes are worthless. They’re like trying to trade in a 1993 Tarago that was owned by a family of seven. But a fighter jet will fetch you some coin. If I was Japan, I’d start looking in every Cash Converters from Tokyo to Geelong.”

At present, authorities still have no clue as to the whereabouts of the one-person plane, although a Malaysian airlines spokesperson was overheard saying, “Only one person missing? Amateurs.”

Published by Brian Rowe

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