Game of Thrones fan upset with only one sex scene.

The debut episode of season 8 Game of Thrones was a huge hit with fans everywhere, except for one tiny thing – it contained only a single sex scene. Long used to bare breasts and full-frontal nudity littered throughout the show, fans waited over a year for only one quick nude scene, something diehard GOT fan Adam Walsh (42) wants to complain at length about.

“There were three naked women all at once, so that’s something,” said Adam. “But we’ve been waiting 12 whole months, we deserved way more getting it on! It should have been Winterfell scene, titties. Kings Landing scene, titties. Dragon scene, titties. They really dropped the ball.”

Disappointed with the solo scene, Adam was further enraged after the show cut away after two key characters had finished getting it on.

“And what the hell was with the implied sex?” asked Adam. “Since when do we not see some form of sex? Cersei has a body double who’s gone the full Monty before. It was a total ripoff!”

Strangely, a GOT fan seemed unaware there is a thing called the Internet which contains an overabundance of nudity. Until the second episode next Monday, perhaps Adam needs to spend some time familiarising himself with it and less time complaining about the show.

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