RSPCA opens file on Jon Snow after he doesn’t inquire about Ghost.

The opening episode of season 8 Game of Thrones delivered plenty of thrills for millions of fans all over the world, but it also left a large portion upset over the whereabouts of Ghost – and Jon Snow’s shitty parenting. Ghost, a loyal companion to the former Lord Commander and King in the North, he has stood by Jon’s side protecting him and his good friend Samwell Tarly since season 1. And how does Jon Snow repay that loyalty? By not asking about him once in the entire 54 minutes.

“The guy’s just got back from holidays, who wouldn’t ask where your dog was?” asked GOT fan, Lara Gunter (24). “Sure he was happy to see his family, but he didn’t even have a present for Ghost. What a shitty pet owner.”

“Hey, I’d like to ride a Dragon too – and Daenerys as well, if I’m being honest – but he just didn’t give a toss about Ghost. Didn’t ask after him once. It’s disappointing,” said GOT fan, Baron Phelps (35).

The outpouring of concern has even seen the RSPCA open a file on the former King in the North who plan on sending a case worker to Winterfell to investigate.

“The guy had almost an hour to ask after his dog, he’s a bad pet owner,” said RSPCA case handler, Jessica Berthal (32). “I’ll be visiting Winterfell personally and if I don’t like the conditions Ghost is being kept in, he’s coming with me.”

GOT fans everywhere are asked to keep their eyes open, because there could a direwolf up for adoption very soon.

Published by Brian Rowe

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