NRL failed to provide ‘Don’t shit in your hands and smudge your own face training’ for Jack de Bell-end, hearing told.

Embattled Dragons star Jack de Bell-end’s lawyer says the NRL failed him in not providing anti-violence against women training.

“He must have missed that class,” claimed his lawyers.

deBell-Ends lawyer claims there was not a single education program which he was made to attend that promoted respect towards women.

While the majority of civil society don’t need anti-rape classes, it appears the NRL is at fault and not in fact deBell-end.

If this line of defence we could have a whole new string of court cases popping up.

Todd Carney could claim he was never trained to not piss into his own mouth and John Hopoate could claim he was never taught to not stick his thumb up other players bum holes. And Anthony Mundine could claim that he was never taught to not be an arsehole.

The deBell-End crew also added some controversy can be good for sport. I’m not sure this is exactly what the NRL had in mind for their next advertising campaign.

One good thing to come out of all this for deBell-End is he will now considered odds-on-favourite after his court case has been heard to sign a contract with the Bulldogs.

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