Jack White forces his audience to actually watch his performance instead of film it.

The Saboteurs have toured Australia and have enforced all phones to be locked away for the events.

As if grounded by their parents, thousands of Australian music lovers were forced to actually watch the gigs instead of spend the entire show trying to record the event with their phones.

Upon entry at the gates, punters phones were required to be bagged and tagged – the green pouches of death as they have come to be known. The phones were locked into a green bag and handed back to the owners, with the phones being unlocked at the end of the gig.

Opinion was divided over the enforcement.

“I found myself staring at the stage actually watching the show. It was surreal,” said one gig goer.

“Luckily, I was able to check in when I got to venue so at least all my friends knew I was out living the ideal lifestyle. It’s just I was unable to take zoomed in photos to appear as if I was closer to the stage than I actually was,” said another.

The awkward part of the experience was in-between the support act and the headliner, as everyone looked awkwardly around the room unsure what to do.

“So there’s nothing on stage and I don’t have my phone. What the hell am I suppose to do? Interact with my friends?”

At the end of the gig patrons rushed to the exits to have their little green bags unlocked so they could see how many missed calls and missed messages they had. There weren’t many.

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