Herpes cases spiked at Coachella this year. Turns out rooting at a music festival may not be all that hygienic.

According to a much-tweeted-about report, herpes diagnoses increased during Coachella this year. 

Online herpes diagnosis and treatment website HerpAlert saw a spike in people seeking a herpes diagnosis after Coachella began.

HerpAlert also had spikes after The Oscars and the NBA All Star weekends. The spikes tend to coincide with well attended events, which is good news for Shannon Noll fans – they should be safe.

The obvious hookup place at music festivals is the port-a-loos. Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever been in a port-a-loo will tell you, they aren’t exactly the most hygienic places to get naked and roll around in.

So now not only do we need drug testing facilities at music festivals, we also need to have free condoms handed out, and perhaps a hygienic place to get down and dirty.

HerpAlert said that 1 in 6 Americans had genital herpes, and 50% had oral herpes.

“I’m wondering, why is this news?” asked sex educator, Emily L. Depasse. “Why do we care that there’s an increase in? Most of us have one type of it.”

Perhaps it’s time to better train our sex educators.

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