Yeah nah, New Zealand accent voted sexiest in the world – Choice!

The New Zealand accent has been voted the worlds sexiest accent. And while this came as somewhat of a surprise to most nations, perhaps the more confusing placing was that of South Africa who came in at 2nd.

“Finally my akcinnnt has bin recogneezed as the sexiest in da world and that is choice,” said Kiwi native, Kevin Keverson.

“All I cun say is char to you all bro. It’s sweat as, choice as and all good! Time to crack open the chilli bin and take off the jandals to celebrate”

The normal winners, the French and the Italians, were left scratching their heads while they cried into their baguettes and lattes respectfully. 

“Sacre Bleu!” sighed every French man in the world.

“Vaffanculo!” gestured every Italian man in the world.

“What the fuck?” screamed every Australian in the world.

The Australian accent came in a respectful 5th place on the list.

Reports of the poll result surprised many Kiwis who admitted cringing when they hear it on television or in conversation.

“I’ll hear a Kiwi on American TV, and I’ll want to vomit. Our accent is awful,” said one Twitter user, while another said, “I really don’t think Kiwi’s have the world’s sexiest accent because most of the world can’t understand us.”

Irish came in 3rd on the list. Conor Mcgregor asked, “Who the fook made this list?”

The other accents in the top 10 are: Spanish, French, Scottish, US Southern, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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