David Hasselhoff says he’s recording a new heavy metal album.

The Hoff has released a statement that he is heading in a new direction by becoming a metal head. 

“I’m doing some heavy metal songs on my new album,” Hasselhoff explained, “Why not?”

“I do not have an album title yet, but it should read: ‘Everything is allowed.’ I do everything. Because I can. Because I want it.”

The Hoff seems to be embracing the fact that everyone loves him and we all can’t wait for him to release anything that will give us all a laugh. So why not do some heavy metal. It’s good to cover all genres. Plus, he is very popular in the German music market, and Germany has a large heavy metal scene for him to tap into.

You have to wonder what type of songs the Hoff will release. Will they be a combination of surf and metal? Will it be a piss take or does he seriously think he can scream out some metal tunes? Either way, the internet simply cant wait to hear what he has to offer and fingers crossed we get a fantastically cheesy music video to go along with it.

The Hoff is taking on legendary status that could one day rival that of Chuck Norris.

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