Channel 9 spend millions to get the Origin exclusive broadcast rights, forget to spend any money on their 9Now app to handle the workload.

Channel 9 seem to be oblivious to the fact that we live in a digital age, where nobody uses their aerials on their homes anymore. Everyone streams to their TVs either via chromecast or smart TVs.

Viewers were forced to watch State of Origin via Spider Cam or Ref Cam last night, as the channel 9 app 9Now absolutely shit the bed.

“I’m both annoyed and nauseous,” said one league fan, Catherine Durkin.

Perhaps even more annoying for some NSW fans was that when the stream eventually did come back online for the second half it was delayed by a minute. Meaning those NSW fans with associates north of the border received text messages of “Suck shit loser” a minute before Dane Gagai intercepted the ball and the match in one fell swoop.

“YOIINNKK,” texted Jonno to his long suffering Blues mates. Slightly confused by the message, as at the time the Blues were well and truly on the attack, they had to wait 60 seconds to witness Jack Wighton throw a mystery pass. Mystery as in that it was tackle 3 and there was no need for him to throw it.

Ahhhh YOIINNKK. That makes sense now.

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