Turns out protesters who glued themselves to a zebra crossing were actually just sticky backpackers.

There are calls today to force backpackers into better hygiene practices after two backpackers tripped over after a night on the mushrooms and became stuck to a zebra crossing.

Ebony and Sergio had a big night out on the shrooms and decided to lay down to stare at the stars together. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t realise they were laying in the middle of the road. After laying there for a few minutes the dew on the road mixed with their sticky unwashed skin and formed a paste like substance which glued them to the road. Police were forced to hose them down with soapy water to remove them.

Meanwhile back in the UK, backpackers are taking to social media to moan about Australia’s cold winter weather and tough farm jobs.

Maria Shaw who wrote a lengthy post on a popular backpacker Facebook page about her disappointing 47 days in Australia accused locals of showing, “No appreciation towards foreigners”.

Maybe if you didn’t glue yourselves to our streets causing major traffic delays to people with actual jobs then we might have more appreciation towards you.

Another backpacker, Ms Kyropoulou, wanted to know why she was made to work in bars and farms. Well that would be because smelly backpackers can only work around pig shit and alcohol to mask the foul odours emitting from their bodies.

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