Vaping is now cool as they start exploding in peoples faces.

From their inception to their current status of being the punchline for every snowflake softcock celebrity wannabe out there, vape users have had sand verbally kicked in their faces on a daily basis. But no more. And why? Because they have started to explode, kill, or seriously maim their users.

This is exactly what happened to 17-year-old hipster in training Austin Adams from Nevada, when he took a second away from Fortnite to take a deep puff of that vapour goodness and the thing blew half his head off. Ok this might be a slight exaggeration, but he did have broken teeth and a hole in his jaw. Lucky for him, he still lives at home (obviously) and mum was on hand to drive him 400kms to the nearest hospital in Utah.

“This child had a blast injury to his lower jaw, as well as burns around his lip,” said Dr. Katie Russell, one of the trauma surgeons who treated Adams.

So far there has been two recorded cases of death by vape in the US. One man from Texas died when his e-cigarette exploded sending shrapnel flying and another from Florida died when the same thing happened sending shrapnel into his head. Unfortunately, his hair gel and waxed beard were unable to offer him any protection.

So what does this mean? This means that people who use vapes are bonafide bad arses! Every single time they ‘light up’ they are literally taking their lives into their little hipster hands.

So could hipsters become the new bad boys in movies? Could we see super villains in bond films vaping instead of smoking? Well, we may not be that far from the Inevitable. With such superstars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, Jack Nicholson, Katy Perry, and Samuel L. Jackson all championing the cause, taking on the exploding vape in the face challenge.

Lindsay Lohan has even started vaping, but that was no doubt just an attempt to be relevant again.

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