I’m tall and skinny like fries – you’re short and fat like a burger!

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry call an end to their feud. Or did Taylor just somehow manage to get the last word by dressing Katy up as a fat juicy burger and herself as tall slender fries in her new music video?

For years Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been at war. It all started back in 2011 when some of Taylor’s dancers on tour left her show to join with Katy Perry’s show, claiming they weren’t really dancing in Taylor’s show and were looking for a more creative outlet. So, as with most Hollywood feuds, it all started with some bitchy background dancers.

For a full two years before that the two women were very supportive of each other and borderline besties, sharing motivational tweets with one another and photos of their pussies. Well, kittens at least.

The war escalated when Taylor released her bad blood music video which has some very obvious attacks targeted at Katy. Katy responded as most famous females do by fucking John Mayer – who Taylor also wrote a song about.

Cut to this week, when Taylor and Katy declared publicly that they have buried the hatchet and they are now best friends again. Katy even appeared in Taylor’s most recent music clip, dressed as a big fat hamburger while Taylor looked tall, slim and perhaps still a bit salty as some french fries.

And while Katy might be oblivious to the sly cheap shot, I’m sure her Katycats will be up in paws about this in no time at all.

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