Parents upset that their now 30 year old kids have no interest in watching Toy Story 4 with them.

Fans of the original Toy Story have a problem. The problem is that the movie was released in 1995. So if a parent was taking their then 6-year-old to see the movie, that child is turning 30 this year and probably has no interest in watching it with their parents.

“I have my own kids now, and they have no interest in watching Toy Story 4, preferring to go and see Detective Pikachu,” said father of two, Little Johnny. (Who prefers to now just be referred to as John.)

Little Johnny’s mother isn’t impressed. 

“I’ve sat through three of these bloody things and I want to know how it ends,” says mum.

The first Toy Story was released 1995, with the second in 1998, and the third in 2010. So it’s been a long time between drinks since the original. 

“It was bad enough having to go to the movies with mum to see Toy Story 3 when I was 21,” said Little Johnny. “I had a massive hangover and the last thing I wanted to hear was Tom Hanks shrieking as Tim Allen yelled, “To infinity and beyond.” But I knew mum wanted to know how it all ended so off we went. But I can’t do anymore. I’m tapping out!” 

Parents have created a Toy Story support group to help them through the current crisis. We will just have to wait and see if there’s a Toy Story 5 in 2030. Perhaps Little Johnny might feel like attending its release whilst having a midlife crisis at the spritely young age of 40.

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