Man takes a month off Facebook to detox social media, forgets wife’s birthday.

Let’s face it, we are all addicted to social media. The only real question is how addicted are we? Are you Courtney Love level addiction? Or did you dabble once like Bill Clinton but it didn’t count because you didn’t inhale?

One of the main reasons people get addicted to social media is the fear of missing out. So much so, that it’s even become a famous acronym: FOMO.

There’s a lot positives to being on social media. You can see photos of your nieces and nephews growing up that you normally wouldn’t have access to. You can see them out with their friends. Having lots of fun and getting up to mischief.

You get alerts as to birthdays, and social activities you’ve expressed interest in even though you have no intention of attending, but it’s nice to feel like you might actually be doing something.

The negatives are you get to see your arsehole friends and their stupid life they conjure up online that you know all too well isn’t a true reflection of how they’re travelling in life. Other negatives include, but aren’t limited to: 

Spoilers – Why the fuck do people feel the need to watch everything the second it’s available on Netflix and then tell everyone all about it online? And for the record yes, saying that there is a twist IS A SPOILER! Remember the days when you use to wait for the box set to be released so you could binge watch the entire thing? Good luck dodging Game of Thrones spoilers. But you’ve had 24 hours to watch it, it’s no longer a spoiler, doesn’t really cut it.

Friends on holidays. You’re stuck on a train with some arsehole coughing up a lung into the back of your head, and you’re looking at photos of your friends on their Hawaii holiday, sitting in the sun wth their cocktails.

Friends out and about at a restaurant. At a gig. At the movies. At a party. Thanks for the invite dickhead.

You do have to start questioning yourself though and your supposed friends list. I mean when you see one of your facebook friends at the shops but purposefully avoid them, are they really your friends?

Ads. Someone once said the genius of Mark Zuckerberg is his ability to know exactly how many ads you are prepared to look at in a day and give you one less than that number so you don’t feel like you’re being advertised to. Well, sir Zucks done fucked up boy because Facebook has become an online trading post.

Perhaps we should all take a month off social media to try and remember how to live? If you do though, perhaps just allow yourself to log in to Facebook at 530pm and 630pm daily to read this blog before logging out again.

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