Waleed Aly suffers bruised ego after falling off his high horse.

Waleed Aly and ‘The Project’ have been on their sour grapes soap box after failing to take out the Gold Logie award on the weekend.

Comedian Tom Gleeson took out the top honours after launching a hilarious vote for me campaign in which he held his own TV show hostage.

“I am holding Hard Quiz hostage,” he joked. “I have the show in my basement with a gun aimed at its head. If you do not vote for me, Hard Quiz is dead.”

Waleed obviously didn’t see the funny side of the joke, as he was one of the nominated in the running for the Gold Logie. And he feels somewhat butthurt over the whole thing, feeling like Gleeson is making a mockery of the whole event. Which of course he is. 

“It’s a shame that this is the last Gold Logie that’s ever going to be handed out, because according to Grant Denyer, this is it, I have ruined the Logies and it’s never going to happen again,” said Tom in reference to comments made from last years winner Grant Denyer. 

Many will argue Grant only won last year because Tom Gleeson campaigned for him, asking for voters to vote for the man with no TV show, as Denyers TV show had just been axed and Gleeson thought it would be funny if a man with no TV show won the Gold Logie for an axed TV show.

Denyer winning last year sure did shine a light on the absurdity of the TV Week logies. It does show that at its core it’s nothing more than a popularity contest and we all know those come in ebbs and flows.

Perhaps the most ironic thing is that TV Week is still surviving. The last time I bought a magazine it was from behind the desk at a service station and was wrapped in plastic with the cover photos blacked out

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