‘Barry check the fusebox’ woman voted most annoying voice on TV by everyone!

If you’ve ever watched a game of football in your life you will be well aware of the ‘Barry check the fusebox’ woman and her shrieking voice.

Poor old Barry was enjoying life behind the bar watching the Broncos play the Rabbitohs when all of a sudden the old pub lost all power. Normally this wouldn’t be a good thing, but since the Broncos haven’t been playing too well lately old Barry wasn’t too fussed. 

That was of course until a high pitched voice also resonating from behind the bar beside Barry told him to check the fusebox. Now we can probably assume that this lady is Barry’s wife, as why the hell would he be standing there in the first place unless he was forced to by law?

The ad is for Telstra’s 4g network and has been tormenting Barry for over a year. Good news for the rest of us is that with the 5g network soon to be released we can only assume they will be forced to turn the power off on the commercial for good and Barry can finally get some peace.

We can only hope.

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