Man begins career as Uber driver. Realises it’s the passengers that create ‘That taxi smell.’

For years we have been blaming the taxi drivers for that horrid smell that emanates from the inside of a cab. And for years we have blamed the hard working cabbie on the 10th hour of his 12 hour shift. But what if that smell that we are all too familiar with, was actually us?

Doonside man Anil Smelz started his career as an Uber driver this week. He took out a loan for a brand new Kia Sportage and hit the roads with a smile on his face, excited for his brand new business venture.

“I’m was all set!” said Anil. “I had my brand new car with its brand new car smell and I was loving life. That was until I picked up my first customer.”

Anil’s first customer was a drunken man named Ron that he had to pick up from Adams Tavern in Blacktown. Ron had been on a bender all night and had obviously spent the night sleeping in the gutter, bathed in his own urine and vomit.

After dropping Ron home Anil couldn’t help but notice that the Ron smell was now inside the car and wasn’t going anywhere. Anil’s second passenger for the day, Clare, also noticed the smell and gave Anil a poor rating for hygiene.

“I have 50 different people in my car every week. Including drunks, children, backpackers and hippies. If you combine all those smells together then you basically have the smell known as Eau de toilette. Or as it is colloquially known, ‘That taxi smell.’

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