England summon the ‘Bat of God’ to defeat New Zealand in the cricket world cup final

It took 33 years but England have finally got over the ‘Hand of God’ incident at the 1986 Fifa World Cup, by winning the Cricket World Cup using their very own ‘Bat of God.’

Ben Stokes was the hero for England as he guided them to their first ever Cricket World Cup. There was huge controversy however after England were awarded six runs when Ben Stokes deflected the ball while diving to not get run out. And whilst the incident was obviously accidental, it was the deciding factor in the outcome of the match.

Both teams managed to get 241 runs, which means that the world cup was to be decided with a super over. Both teams get one over each and whichever team gets the most runs wins. Well once again both teams were drawn after the super over with both teams getting 15 runs. This meant that the World Cup was decided on count-back, of which team got the most boundaries – which many found to be weird, as you’d assume the team that lost the fewer wickets would have won, which would have been New Zealand.

Instantly memories of Englands loss to Argentina in the 1986 Soccer World Cup came flooding back – an incident that English sports fans may never fully recover from, when Maradona scored a goal using his hand (pictured) Which should have seen him red carded, and thus preventing the subsequent goal of the century by the same man.

And whilst most Aussies were supporting the Kiwis against England, it’s nice to now have something chambered to retort with when the All Blacks once again trounce all over the Wallabies.

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