Melbourne man Chris decides to go into hiding for nine months.

‘Given the ultimatum of talk to me before the baby is born or don’t bother after, Chris seems to have taken option B.’

The Melbourne suburb of Frankston was set upon by a vandalising pregnant graffiti artist this week who was armed with a giant purple texta. She kept writing the same thing in different locations. Assumably these locations were ones that she knew Chris to frequent, with some online speculation that these were the locations that the baby was in fact consummated at.

The graffiti reads: ‘Chris, you need to talk to me before the baby’s born, or don’t bother after.’

So who exactly is Chris? Most are assuming that Chris is the expectant father, and that he doesn’t exactly plan on going to birthing classes anytime soon.

Chris has taken the ‘catch me if you can’ approach. In fact it just might make a good plot line for a part 2 of the Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks film by the same name – only instead of getting a life sentence in jail, Chris will be given a life sentence of child support payments.

One thing is for sure, with the amount of press this incident has received, the media swat teams will be out in force trying to find Chris. Let’s hope he’s a better hider than Wally.

With the mother-to-be being caught and arrested today, I’m sure she will let everyone know exactly who Chris is. Let’s see how well he can hide once his photo is plastered everywhere.

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