Mullet Creek on Bong Bong road. Free cash? Something smells fishy!

What would you do if you were walking to school as a youngster and found the bounty of a lifetime? Thousands of dollars in $50 notes floating in a murky pond. This is the exact predicament one youngster found himself in this week, when he just happen to stumble onto this very scenario.

Well what this youngster decided to do was send a photo of the money to a relative, who then proceeded to fuck him over royally by contacting the police.

What ever happened to the spirit of our youth? The adventure? Have they not seen the film ‘Stand By Me’? Do you think young River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman and Jerry O’Connell would have let their parents know about the amount of cash floating down Mullet Creek on Bong Bong road? We sure as hell know a young Kiefer Sutherland wouldn’t have. What has happened to the mischievous adventurous youth?

The other thought to consider is where did the money come from? Perhaps this young lad did the right thing? Perhaps he has seen enough Sopranos episodes to know that Tony and Christopher wouldn’t take too kindly to their drug money being taken? And that he would in fact end up sleeping with the fishies.

And perhaps the last point to consider is with the plastic online financial generation, he didn’t actually know what he was looking at? He may have never actually seen a $50 note. He might have been better off if he saw some bitcoin floating downstream.

Assuming no one is going to collect the money, the boy might end up with the cash anyway. That is to assume there is much left after all the “helpers” fished it all out.

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