Brazilian gang leader not expecting a Fathers Day card after trying to leave his daughter in jail.

A Brazilian gang leader, Clauvino da Silva, dressed up as his teenage daughter, including wearing a silicone face mask, in an attempt to break out of jail.

The only reason why he was unsuccessful in his jailbreak was he was acting so nervous that guards wondered what was going on with the young girl. 

So the masterplan was to dress as his daughter and then simply walk out of prison when visiting hours are over, leaving his teenage daughter to fend for herself in prison against some of the most violent sexual deviants in the world. Wait til Mum finds out!

It is not yet known if the teenage girl was in on it or not, but you have to assume it wasn’t her idea to be left behind in a prison filled with rapists whom haven’t seen a girl for decades.

So this coming Father’s Day I think it’s safe to say that dear old Dad won’t be getting a Father’s Day card from his daughter. He might however be getting a visit from his wife.

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