Neighbourhood chaos as no one can remember if it’s recycling bin week this week.

Neighbours in the cul-de-sac at the end of Miretta Place in Castle Hill were left scratching their heads this week as no one knew if it was recycling bin week.

“Normally what I do is just have a look out into the street and if everyone else has their yellow bins out I put mine out too,” said Mr Robinson, a resident in Miretta Place.

“I saw Robbo didn’t have his bin out so I thought ‘Well fuck me mustn’t be a recycling week’, even though me bin is chockas,” said Mr Turner, who lives opposite Mr Robinson.

The problem has been traced back to the fact that the one person who actually does know which week is recycling week, and who is normally the first to put out his bin, has been away on holidays.

“Old man Peterson is normally the one who sets us all in motion it appears. Well that’s a pain in the arse,” continued Mr Robinson.

After the neighbours realised that Mr Peterson was going to be away for another week, they took the opportunity to load up his empty bins with their overflowing garbage. 

Let’s just hope old man Peterson is back in time to let the local residence know when it’s garden waste week.

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