Coles announce hot cross buns will be sold all year round. Next step Easter eggs!

Coles has announced that hot cross buns will no longer be seasonal and shall be available all year round. And all us bun lovers out there say about time! The next logical step is to make Easter eggs available all year round also.

Some argue that making the buns available all year round diminishes from their appeal, and as such makes them less special.

“It’s too much of a good thing,” said Joy Killer (56).

“If the good Lord had meant us to eat Easter buns all year round he wouldn’t have made them especially for Easter.”

“I haven’t been this outraged since I found out there was no brandy in brandy custard and no rum in rum and raisin icecream,” said local man, Ronald Garfield (33).

Well, considering the buns would come out in January anyway a lot of people are saying that this was just the next logical step. The only way to prevent people complaining about them coming out early is to have them all year round. But in true damned-if-you-do damned-if-you-don’t spirit, it looks like this might take some time for the general public to get use to.

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