Ozzy Osbourne has a genetic mutation which allows him to party harder than the rest of us.

John “Ozzy” Osbourne has been partying since 1969. Well probably before then, but 1969 is when he joined Black Sabbath and began an extended bender that by all reports is still very much going.

So for anyone who has ever had a hangover and ‘promised themselves and everyone they wronged the previous night that they would never drink again’ will know, the older you get the harder it is to back it up. So how has Ozzy managed to maintain this lifestyle without falling by the wayside as many who have attempted did? Well, according to a science laboratory that ran tests on his blood to try and research the creative DNA, they found something else quite unexpected. Ozzy actually shares DNA with Neanderthals. 

The study conducted by Knome Inc. discovered the Neanderthal DNA in Ozzys blood, and apparently this allows his body to process drugs more efficiently than the rest of us. It does however make the person more prone to addiction which also seems to be the case with Ozzy.

One thing the scientists may not have taken into consideration is that Ozzy bit the head off a bat. Perhaps that is how he got some Neanderthal DNA into his blood?

The scientist are now keen to do tests on Keith Richards. They believe his DNA could hold the answers to life as we know it, all human ancestry and perhaps the big bang itself.

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