Neighbours low hanging fruit is entrapment! That fruit is begging to be picked!

Two neighbours are at war over some low hanging fruit from an orange tree that appears to be dividing both properties.

“It’s my bloody orange tree, I planted it 40 years ago, so only I should be able to pick any of the fruit off it!” said Gerry Attrick (76). “I was sitting on my back porch when I noticed a hand reaching over the fence in order to pick some of my oranges from the back of my tree.”

Gerry claims if an orange falls onto his neighbours side of the fence then he can eat it, but if a hand goes over the fence then that’s theft.

“It’s bloody entrapment mate!” exclaimed an annoyed neighbour, Fred Loader (72).

“Every morning I see those juicy oranges just sitting there ripe ready to be eaten. And Gerry only leaves them there to annoy me. If I don’t pick them he just lets them drop to the ground and rot.”

Fred claims that if he can reach it from his backyard then he can eat it from his backyard.

“If I’m in my own backyard and I see a bloody orange just hanging near my fence then that’s breakfast sorted!” exclaimed Fred.

The two men have been at each other since they became neighbours almost 50 years ago. Friends are claiming Gerry is playing the long game in annoying Fred and that his intention upon planting the tree right next to the fence 40 years ago was entirely just to annoy Fred for years to come with tasty low hanging treats.

The two plan to take the matter to the Local Council. A place they frequent several times a year in regards to each other.

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