Woolworths confirm ‘Discovery Garden’ as the next collectable. The discovery will be that kids have absolutely no interest in that whatsoever.

Both Woolworths and Coles have come under fire for their hypocritical approach to saving the planet by banning single use plastic bags, and yet are still selling us plastic bags. Well now they’re under further scrutiny being greatly criticised for their collectable campaigns. 

Little Shop and Ooshies have been a great success for the supermarket giants. And yet the general public were quick to point out the fact they were patting themselves on the back for limiting their carbon footprint, only to turn around and flood the market with little plastic items for land waste.

So Woolworths have announced their next collectable range will be the more environmentally friendly ‘Discovery Garden.’ The only problem now is getting the kids to give a fuck about seeds.

Unless the seeds eventually grow into Ooshies after being planted, the marketing department might have a struggle on their hands with this one.

The idea came from a supermarket in New Zealand who ran a little garden campaign which was successful, so Woolies might take some solace in that fact.

You can’t help but wonder if all the motivation behind the campaign is just to be able to say, ‘Look at us we are saving the world again.’ Actually no need to wonder, thats exactly what it is.

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