Golf spectators injured in a lightning strike. Serves them right for watching golf.

Six people were injured on the weekend, when lightning struck at a PGA Golf event in Atlanta. It’s almost like walking around a lightning storm waving iron golf clubs beneath trees is a bad idea or something. The only idea worse than that would be to actually go and watch golf in the first place.

Golf was invented so that men could get away from their wives on the weekend. This is why Tiger Woods became the greatest golfer of all time – he was the best at getting away from his wife for the weekend. He got so good at it, he managed to get away from his wife for months at a time. This is why you get shooshed if you try and talk while someone is about to take a shot -there is a strict no nagging policy while taking a shot.

If there is a God, then perhaps this is why there are so many lightning strikes on golf courses. It’s like shooting sinners in a barrel for God. Now theres a sport!

So to pay money to go and watch men hit a ball around a field trying to avoid their wives is an interesting concept. Especially given the fact golf gets plenty of coverage on the sports channels. You can sit at home and watch golf in high definition. But only after you’ve done your chores.

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