Australian woman wakes up with strange accent. Only to remember she is actually a Kiwi

Australian woman Juniper Berry (52) has woken up with “Foreign Accent Syndrome” only to suddenly remember that she grew up in New Zealand.

“Yeah nah I woke up talking with this funny little aksunt and I was thinking this is definitely not choice as bro.” Said a slightly intoxicated Juniper.

“I couldn’t work out what was going on until after a few hours and a few strong coffees I remembered that this is the way I always talk eh. I was saying things like chilly bin, jandals and chur and had no idea what the strange noises coming out of my mouth were.”

Foreign accent syndrome is a very real condition and normally affects people after some sort of head injury or stroke. In Junipers case though it appears she may have just been hungover and forgot she grew up in New Zealand.

“Well Ive been in Australia for 30 years now so I view myself as an Australian. Guess with the amount of Kiwis living in Australia now the Australian accent very much includes some Kiwi dialect.” said a sobering Juniper

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