Teenagers plan to go bat shit crazy tonight and blame the full moon and Friday 13th

The youth are planning on going wild tonight as a rare Harvest full moon falls on Friday the 13th. 

Tonight the moon will be lighting our skies as the last Harvest Moon to grace our skies for 30 years which apparently brings good luck. It may not bring good luck however to the local establishments who will have to deal with the youth gone wild, as they plan to tear up the joint werewolf style.

“We can’t be blamed for what happens during a full moon,” said Declan Deadhed “If I get wasted and smash some windows then thats just the effect of a full moon falling on Friday 13th.”

It might be a good idea for anyone over 25 to stay indoors tonight as the young and the restless take part in “The Purge”

More to come…

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