Israel Folau stuns Rugby fans by signing with Super League – “Super League’s still going?”

“Didn’t that end in the 90s?” wondered casual sports fan, Flicka Channel (37).

After a strained exit from Rugby Union due to some homophobic remarks – and a pat on the back from Margaret Court – Israel Folau has found a new home playing rugby league again, which was of little surprise to sports fans and anyone who understands that cash always wins out over principles. So it was no shock when Israel was snapped up by a club looking to boost their profile and win at any cost – what was shocking though was who he signed with.

“At first when I heard he had signed with the Dragons I thought we may just turn things around this year,” said longtime Dragons fan, Flicka Channel (37). “But then I heard it wasn’t the St George Dragons, it was some Catalan Dragons in Super League and I thought the world had gone mad.”

After a brief life in Australia in the 90s, Super League disappeared from our shores never to be seen again and for guys like Flicka that means it doesn’t exist at all. 

“It must be some kind of mistake. It’s only the NRL now. Super League folded so this means Israel is now playing with Saints. Which is good news, now they might extend their unbeaten first 10 week Premier status and maybe win 12, or even 13 in a row! Wouldn’t that be something,” said a hopeful Flicka.

Unfortunately for Flicka, he has his teams mixed up which means Saints opening run will stay fixed at 10 games before they start to fold like a cheap suit on laundry day.

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