Bookies list Queen as odds-on-favourite over Meghan in their upcoming family reunion fight.

With millionaire Meghan going on Oprah last week and mouthing off about the Royal family, bookies have shored up the Queen to be the betting favourite in a fight when the family gets together this Christmas. She may be over 90 and look frail and diminutive, but punters know only too well that Queenie packs a punch. Bookie Owen Memoney (62) has even gone as far to have the Queen at -1200.

“Listen, she’s survived WW2, Diana’s death and even Prince Andrew’s ‘I wasn’t sleeping with hookers – I was ordering pizza’ bullshit, she can handle some soap actress with ease.”

Betting circles are confident that when the two meet face-to-face, it’s Her Royal Highness who’ll throw the first blow, although none seem to agree on how she’ll do it.

“I say headbutt,” says Owen. “She don’t mess about our Queen. She’ll take to her like a broken vending machine and declare her out of order and drop one right on her nose.”

With odds this strong, it might be time to lay down a sneaky tenner on old QE2. And while you’re there, another safe bet is that Andrew does turn up uninvited – either to borrow money for his next hooker or in his new job as a pizza delivery guy.

Published by Brian Rowe

Brian lives in Queensland with his wife and [insert Councilly approved number of] cats and dogs. He has been described as handsome, charming, intelligent... and his mum also said, “He’s a very good boy.”

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