Before being stabbed 23 times, Julius Caesar told he had ‘full support of the club.’

Archaeologists in Italy made a remarkable discovery this week as a journal from Roman General Marcus Junius Brutus (85 BC – 42 BC) was discovered in a dig near one of his former estates. Naturally such a find has sent waves of excitement through the Ancient History community, especially since the journals account for the precious days prior to Emperor Julius Caesar’s unfortunate run in with a knife – 23 times. The most amazing revelation, however, was what Brutus told Caesar two days before his death.

Brutus journal entry: “Saw Caesar today. He was worried we had lost faith in him. I told him that he had the full support of the club. I said, “Nah you’re fine mate. The Gaul’s are just too good this year. The Huns have a top team too. It’s not on you, champ.”

In no way does this diminish the brilliance of Julius Caesar, as historians pointed out this is the first recorded incidence of someone being given the ‘full support of the club’ speech before tragedy has befallen them. Had the NRL been around in Caesar’s today, he would have known just what this means and wore armour instead.

RIP Caesar.

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