Gender reveal party causes giant bushfire in Arizona. “Surprise. It’s an asshole.”

In an ironic twist of fate, a couples wish to have their babies gender reveal go viral was granted when it led to a massive wildfire in Arizona.

Dennis Dickey, aptly named, thought it would be a good idea to rig up a small-sized explosive device inside a box that he would shoot with a rifle. Obviously thinking ‘What could possibly go wrong’ when you combine a bullet with an exploding target, Dennis shot the box which caught on fire and quickly spread thanks to dry winds and seasonally low-rainfall in the area.

Dennis’s attempts at Facebook likes received a massive ‘thumbs down’ from regional firefighter crews, who had to dispense 800 firies to help put out the blaze. When it was all said and done, this one little internet stunt burned 47,000 acres and caused $11 million worth of damage.

Mr Dickey was fined $100,000 and has to pay the government $500 a month for the next two decades to make restitution on his massive stuff up. “Yeah, wasn’t my brightest idea. I only hope the town doesn’t hold some kind of grudge against my son” said Dennis. Considering the unborn child has already been labelled ‘the fucking fire kid’, a lifetime of stigma awaits this poor child.

After the incident, a government official has since asked for these types of videos to stop. “Gender reveal videos were annoying way before this, but now they’re leading to massive urban and rural damage”, said Colin Oscopy.

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